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Autodesk Maya - Essentials

General description

This three-day training introduces all the basic techniques using Maya. The format of the class presents periods of theory, demonstration and supervised practice alternately. This session covers modeling, materials and rendering, lighting and basic special effects. The course is designed for computer graphics professionals working in various fields such as video games, film and TV, architecture and conceptual design who wish to incorporate Maya in their creative process.

Course structure

This three-day course is taught in a lecture/demo format. The instructor will begin each section with a lecture and demo. The lectures present you theory as well as in-depth coverage of how the tools work. Demo will follow each lecture and will provide hands-on learning opportunity to help reinforce the key concepts. Participants are encouraged to ask questions.

Course objectives

The student will learn to:

  • Understand key concepts in Maya
  • Understand Maya user interface
  • Know the most common tools and basic possibilities in Maya
  • Know the basis of Maya production workflow
  • Model in Maya: NURBS, Polygon, Subdivided
  • Deform objects
  • Realize an animation
  • Add cameras and lights
  • Work on Shaders & textures
  • Do software's renders


Basic knowledge of a computer graphic software.


This course can be presented in French or in English in accordance with demand.


Three days.


In our classroom or the customer's office.


Learning Autodesk Maya 8|Foundation + DVD


The course leads to a Centre NAD certificate of completion recognized by Autodesk Media and Entertainment.

Tuition Fees

$1195 per participant

Upcoming dates

  • Soon to come