Houdini - Introduction (English)

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General description

This course covers all important aspects of Houdini. The aim is to get everyone up to speed with the prodecural workflow and help easing out the transition from another 3D package. Houdini can be slightly technical by its nature but this course is designed towards artists coming from all disciplines. Programming is not a prerequisite for attending but we occasionally make use of scripting. At the end of this course, students will receive all source files as well as an attestation delivered by NAD - UQAC. 

Targeted audience

This course is designed for professionals in the 3D creative industry looking to learn procedural content creation in Houdini.


Experience with another 3D creation software

Being familiar with Windows system


Regular   595,00 $ + taxes
Member of an organization (BCTQ, Alliance Numérique, AQPM)     535,50 $ + taxes
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30 hours  






Virtual formation

About the expert

Vincent Fortin, FX Artist and Trainer 

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Day 1 

  • SideFX history, different versions of Houdini, installation, etc.
  • Where to find help
  • UI, Keyboard shortcuts, data flow and procedural workflow
  • Scene assembly, importing assets.
  • Geometry selection and manipulation
  • Traditional modeling vs. Procedural modeling
  • Groups, basic expressiions, Digital Assets

Day 2 

  • Modeling various objects using advanced procedural techniques
  • Attributes 
  • Copy-Scatter, Paint 
  • Loops
  • Curves

Day 3

  • Boolean modeling and voronoi fracturing 
  • VBD Volumetric modeling, creating clouds
  • Introduction to VOPS, building custom operators 
  • Traditional animation vs. Procedural animation 
  • Random and noise functions 

Day 4 

  • Exporting assets: Alembic, FBX, bgeo. Rendering with Mantra. 
  • Procedural shading, UVs.
  • Baking textures
  • Introduction to FX

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